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Through acquiring thousands of communication sites, APC will precisely assess how to deliver the most value, anticipate obstacles, and find solutions to quickly enable owners to realize the value of their cash flow. Owners benefit from the experience and flexibility of working directly with the APC decision makers on each deal, which expedites the acquisition process and allows the seller to work directly with management throughout the entire transaction.

  • FLEXIBILITY. APC works with sellers to customize tower transactions, whether it is through fee simple, sell-leasebacks or many other creative combinations.

  • SPEED. APC closes deals quickly, with a reputation for closing a deal just over a month after signing the purchase agreement. With APC experts, sellers quickly realize the value of their cash flow stream.

  • VALUE. APC’s experienced management team knows how to properly assess the current market value of a site, considering location, tenant profile, site expenses and other key factors that drive value.

  • FUNDING. APC’s strong financial backing allows APC to make offers to close quickly on sites.

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